Now you can identify
and verify in real-time.

Now you can identify and verify in real-time.

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Business impact


Reduction in fraud through successful customer Identity Verification.


Reduction in manual reviews through real-time digital processes.


Increase in collection revenue through positive Bank Account Verification

Innovative digital verification, onboarding and payment solutions.

South Africa has the highest rates of economic crime in the world, with 60% of businesses reporting fraudulent activity.

– Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey 2020

Approximately 7% of South African businesses reported losing more than R950 million to fraud in the last 24 months.

Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey 2020

South Africa’s rate of customer fraud exclusively stands at 47% - a figure nearly twice as high as the global average.

Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey 2020

It’s time to protect your business.

  • Reduce risk

  • Prevent Fraud

  • Increase Revenue

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  • Secure Onboarding

  • Digitise Processes

  • Save Time

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Our Services

Identity Verification

Real-time Identity Verification enables you to ensure the authenticity of a customer’s or supplier’s identity by retrieving their South African identity photo.

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Facial Verification

Facial Verification uses an ID number to retrieve a photo from Home Affairs and verify it against a selfie image or liveness detection data.

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Bank Account Verification

Bank Account Verification enables you to perform real-time bank account detail verification across major banks in South Africa.

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Document Verification

Verify official documents in real-time with digital document recognition. Verify identity documents, passports driver’s licenses, and more.

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Increase collections success rate with electronically authenticated debit orders. Protect your business from account fraud and reduce debit order disputes.

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Fingerprint Verification

Fingerprint Verification uses an ID number to retrieve fingerprints from Home Affairs and verify a match with those of your customer or supplier.

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PEP Screening

PEP Screening is a software solution that is used to screen individuals against PEP watchlists from ‘Sanctions’ to ‘Most Wanted’ lists.

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Knowledge-based Authentication

Verify identities and new customers’ information against a bureau knowledge base through series of auto-generated questions.

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Use Cases

Secure Onboarding

Offer quick, seamless and secure onboarding experiences for your customers through digital ID verification software.

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Introduce biometric identity and document authentication services to enhance your customer journey and reduce fraud.

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Comply with KYC (Know Your Customer) regulations. Identify and verify your customers through online FICA and RICA checks.

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Fraud Risk Management

Manage potential threats to your business through customer verification solutions that serve to prevent and mitigate risk.

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Anti-Money Laundering

Automate your AML customer verification process. Comply in real-time and prevent laundered money from entering your system.

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Increase collection success rates through identity verification, real-time account verification (AVS), and DebiCheck services.

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