Digital customer onboarding has become prevalent in today’s business world, offering companies a means of onboarding clients quickly and, with the correct customer onboarding software, securely.

There are three main services offering fast and secure onboarding approaches that businesses can benefit from:

  • Identity verification services (IVS);
  • Facial verification services; and
  • Bank account verification services (AVS)
Identity verification provides a way for businesses to quickly authenticate customer IDs, ensuring seamless customer-business interactions for reduced fraud and optimized onboarding. Further improving the digital customer onboarding process, facial verification provides an extra layer of protection for your business with liveness detection through AI. Finally, businesses that make use of AVS will benefit from the verification of customer account details, ensuring that fraudulent details do not enter their system. Employing all three of these services is a surefire way of protecting business financials, customer information, and more, from fraud risks. In addition, introducing credit score and bank statement services to your business will certainly add value to your onboarding process when authorising long-term client contracts or offering loans.

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