Know the exact dates when your clients are most likely to have the funds available in their bank accounts.

How it works

Submit an SDO request via our software application.
Receive the three best strike dates in real-time.
Debit the customer on the given dates to ensure a successful collection.

Strike Date Optimisation (SDO)

Debit your customers successfully by utilising Strike Date Optimisation (SDO). SDO provides you with the best dates to collect payment from customers by determining when funds are most likely to be available in their bank accounts. SDO can therefore help you to increase debit order collections success rates and increase revenue. This is a once-off process that can be done in batch format or individually.

Key Benefits

Increased success rates

Increase your collection success rates by knowing when clients are most likely to have funds available.

Reduce Costs

Avoid unnecessary expenses relating to failed debits order collections.

Complete flexibility

This is a once-off process that can be done in a batch format or individually.

Enhanced Workflow

Improve and accelerate internal workflows with this real-time debit solution.

Key Features

  • Results delivered in real-time
  • Integrated with all major SA banks
  • Individual or batch requests
  • API integration

Product Use Cases

  • Successful management of customer debit orders
  • Customer bank account verification
  • Collections success/failure predictions
  • Customer debit order management
  • Financial risk management

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