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Verify and onboard your clients in real-time with state-of-the-art services.

Identity Verification

Bitventure’s Identity Verification enables you to ensure the authenticity of a customer or supplier’s identity, in real-time, by retrieving their SA identity photo.

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Facial Verification

Retrieve a photo from Home Affairs by simply providing an identity number. Verify a match with your customer or supplier’s captured selfie image.

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Fingerprint Verification

Retrieve fingerprints from Home Affairs, by simply providing an identity number, with biometric customer verification services.

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Verify Bank Accounts

Perform real-time verification of bank account details (AVS) across all the major banks in South Africa.

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Increase collections success rate with electronically authenticated debit orders. Protect your business from account fraud and reduce debit order disputes.

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Knowledge-based Authentication

Verify identities and new customers information against a bureau knowledge base. Prevent fraudsters from entering your business ecosystem with this real-time identity verification procedure.

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Document Verification

This real-time digital service allows for authentication and verification in under 60 seconds, accelerating the customer onboarding process.

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PEP Screening

Bitventure’s software solution allows you to identify PEPs, and calculate the risk that they might present to your business, through a real-time digital risk scoring service.

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Collect payments from your customers in real-time through a flexible and multifunctional payment solution that optimises your customer onboarding process.

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Use Cases

Secure Onboarding

Offer quick, seamless and secure onboarding experiences for your customers through digital ID verification software.

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Introduce biometric identity and document authentication services to enhance your customer journey and reduce fraud.

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Comply with KYC (Know Your Customer) regulations. Identify and verify your customers through online FICA and RICA checks.

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Fraud Risk Management

Manage potential threats to your business through customer verification solutions that serve to prevent and mitigate risk.

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Anti-Money Laundering

Automate your AML customer verification process. Comply in real-time and prevent laundered money from entering your system.

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Increase collection success rates through identity verification, real-time account verification (AVS), and DebiCheck services.

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Are you ready to save money by reducing fraud?

Real-time Digital Verification will enable you to authenticate your customers, which has proved extremely effective in deterring fraudsters. Results have shown dramatic reductions of in-store fraud that saves our clients millions of Rands every month and providing an immediate ROI.