Screen PEPs against international watchlists to determine their risk score.

A politically exposed person, or PEP, has a higher risk of becoming involved in fraud and corruption due to their position and influence. Because of the high risk that PEPs may pose, it is of critical importance to implement watchlist screenings as part of your customer or supplier onboarding process.

Bitventure’s software solution allows you to identify PEPs, and calculate the risk that they might present to your business, through a real-time digital risk scoring service.

The easy-to-use application returns comprehensive reports containing the PEP’s verified personal information, a risk score, applicable watchlist types, and a watchlist status summary. Such results empower you to make better-informed decisions when onboarding new customers and suppliers.

How it works

Enter the customer’s or supplier’s name and surname.

Submit the details to be traced against global PEP watchlists.

Receive the risk score and status in a matter of seconds.

Key Benefits

Reduce Risk

Avoid onboarding high-risk consumers and fraudsters.

Save Time

Cut time-consuming screening procedures short with real-time results.

Save Money

Prevent fraudulent transactions, reduce costs and increase revenue.

Reduce Errors

Receive accurate and up-to-date PEP results from global watchlists.

Reduce Paperwork

Reduce the need for manual paperwork and physical document handling.


PEP Screening is a software solution that is used to screen individuals against PEP watchlists from ‘Sanctions’ to ‘Most Wanted’ lists. These lists are updated daily to remain relevant and accurate. The risk levels of individuals are then determined through the recency and frequency of their names appearing in adverse media. Statuses can also be monitored on an ongoing basis whereby watchlist updates can be received daily. This service can be used through an online portal or can be integrated via API into existing workflows.

Key Features

  • Real-Time Screening
  • Daily Updated Watchlists
  • Ongoing Customer Monitoring
  • Auto-Generated Reports
  • API Integration
  • Remote Online Access
  • POPI Act Compliant

Product Applications

  • Advanced Risk Management
  • Ongoing Risk Monitoring
  • Customer Onboarding
  • Procurement Onboarding
  • FICA, RICA and KYC Checks
  • AML Compliance Checks
  • Business Process Optimisation

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