Collect payments successfully through debtor identity verification, account verification, and automated debit order collection solutions. Our payment solutions enable you to detect fraudsters, optimise onboarding, and increase collection success rates.

Payment services to increase your revenue

Knowing and trusting the customers you are transacting with starts with verifying their identities. Once you can trust that they are who they claim to be, bank account validation services ensure that the details provided are 100% accurate. Real-time card payment and debit order collection solutions, such as DebiCheck, ensures that your customers can be debited without dispute. These services arm you with a robust strategy for safeguarding your revenue streams.

Optimal digital onboarding processes

Smart Point Of Sale (POS) devices, card payment applications and debit order collection systems ensure fast and frictionless onboarding experiences for your customers. Through providing a seamless and streamlined customer journey, you’ll be able to assist customers faster and more efficiently, and thereby, increase your customer conversion rates.

Services to Improve Your Payment Collections

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