KYC verification software allows for seamless customer authentication in real-time through a range of automated Know Your Customer verification processes. Enhance your customer journey, reduce your risk of fraud exposure, and ensure your KYC, RICA, and FICA compliance with eKYC services.

eKYC – electronic Know Your Customer

Refine your business’s authentication processes through automated KYC verification. Using Bitventure’s biometric identification services and data verification software – such as facial verification and PEP screening – to determine customer authenticity, the digital KYC verification software can effectively eliminate fraud risks and transform the onboarding approach.

eFICA – electronic Financial Intelligence Centre Act

eFICA ensures frictionless procedures with the assurance of reduced financial risk. These FICA services work in collaboration with Identity Verification Services (IVS), serving to verify customer identities in an instant through the Department of Home Affairs database, and Bank Account Verification, verifying financial data via all major South African banks. Hereby, businesses can securely and efficiently onboard customers, regardless of where they are located, while maintaining their FICA compliance.

eRICA – electronic Related Information Act

Customers can be vetted and RICA’d in no time with eRICA verification processes. Using facial verification software for liveness detection, and IVS to streamline customer identity verification, the eRICA process allows for quick and seamless customer detail confirmation. Through automated paperless and contactless processes, businesses can ensure effortless onboarding without risking their security.