Verify the identities and personal data of customers against a bureau knowledge base.

Prevent fraudsters from entering your business ecosystem with this real-time identity verification procedure.

How it works

Ask your customer, employee or supplier a series of dynamically generated questions.
Submit the answers to the knowledge base for an automatic verification assessment.
Instantly retrieve an authentication confidence score, confirming a pass or fail.

Key Benefits

Trust your customer

Avoid receiving false personal information from fraudsters.

Save time

Cut lengthy procedures short with real-time results.

Save money

Prevent fraudulent transactions and increase revenue.

Reduce errors

Receive accurate verification results from a global knowledge base.

Reduce paper use

Reduce the need for physical document handling.


Knowledge-based Authentication can be used as a primary means of identity verification, or as step-up authentication. The procedure comprises a series of auto-generated KBA questions presented to a customer which confirms the customer’s identity and allows you to continue with the onboarding process in confidence.

Key Features

  • Instant real-time results
  • Fully API integratable
  • POPI Act compliant
  • Online access

Product Use Cases

  • Prevention of ID Fraud
  • Customer Onboarding
  • Recruitment Onboarding
  • Procurement Onboarding
  • FICA, RICA and KYC
  • AML Compliance Checks

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