Verify identities with real-time identity verification services.

Online ID verification services provide a real-time verification method that allows businesses to check the personal information of clients without the need for paper-based authentication.

How it works

Enter the ID number provided by the customer, employee or supplier.
Submit the details to Home Affairs and fetch data stored in the government database.
Receive an ID photo to determine a verified identity match.

Identity Verification Services

Ensure the authenticity of customer ID documents through a real-time verification process. Quickly authenticate both ID cards or ID booklets. Retrieve accurate results for ID number and ID photo verifications. This service assists companies in performing KYC, RICA, FICA and AML checks. The online ID verification solution assists in preventing fraud and optimising onboarding procedures by ensuring seamless and secure interactions between businesses and their customers.

Key Benefits

Trust Your Customers

Avoid receiving falsified IDs from fraudsters.

Save Time

Cut lengthy procedures short with real-time results.

Save Money

Prevent fraudulent transactions and increase revenue.

Reduce Errors

Receive accurate verification results from Home Affairs.

Reduce Paper Use

Reduce the need for physical document handling.

Key Features

  • Instant Real-time Results
  • Fully API Integratable
  • POPI Act Compliant
  • Record Storage
  • Remote Online Access

Product Use Cases

  • Prevention of Fraud
  • Customer Onboarding
  • Recruitment Onboarding
  • Procurement Onboarding
  • Workflow Optimisation
  • FICA, RICA and KYC
  • AML Compliance Checks

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