New-hire Identity Verification has become a priority in the South African recruitment industry. Verifying the identities of candidates at the start of the hiring process discourages fraudsters from trying to apply. This is protecting businesses from employee fraud.

The Challenge

A 2019 survey, conducted by’s HR Research Institute, found that 48% of respondents experienced at least one instance of employee fraud, and 35% of respondents believed employment-related fraud will continue to climb over the next several years.

Identity Verification Solutions

Digital identity verification is offering solutions and benefits that manual paper-based identification procedures lacked. Improved accuracy of data, generated from trusted sources, has proved that going the digital route is the most reliable way of verification. Candidates are now verifying themselves by a simple selfie image or liveness face scan. They can also be verified directly from Home Affairs by simply typing an ID number into an online application.

Document Verification Solutions

Official documents, such as work permits, passports, visas and driver’s licences can be authenticated and validated through Document Verification apps to ensure legitimacy. This process includes simply scanning the documents with a mobile phone camera and submitting them for verification in real-time.

Positive Results

According to a Glassdoor study, 82% of organizations improved employee retention with a secure and optimised digital verification process. Through adopting these procedures, it shows that companies take the safety of their businesses, customers and other employees seriously.

Are you ready to start preventing fraud through digital verification solutions?