Bitventure refines the customer credit vetting process by delivering precise, real-time credit risk score services.These fully automated services enhance business security by informing businesses of the risk each potential customer poses.

To initiate the process, the client’s ID number is captured. Each ID number is then cross-referenced against data offered by various reputable credit bureaus, scanning through the clients financial conduct. Personal loans, home loans, credit card accounts, store accounts, cell phone contracts, and vehicle finance are all factored into the credit score calculations to determine the customer credit rating.

Our system then provides the business, in real-time, with the client’s credit risk expressed as a numeric and written rating.

Requesting a credit score does not affect the individual’s credit history; however, the score represents the probability of a client maintaining a good account with the business. Lower scores represent a higher risk and vice versa.

Streamline your onboarding process and initiate good accounts with Bitventure’s credit score services.

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