Verify identities with facial verification software, liveness detection and AI.

Facial verification software provides an advanced method for digital identity verification – ensuring fast, secure, and seamless interactions between businesses and consumers.

KYC face recognition software, with AI, scans consumer features and detects liveness through an easy-to-use portal. The data captured is verified against Home Affairs records in real-time. The results returned are quick, comprehensive, and 100% accurate – no paperwork required. This service can be used to maintain AML, KYC, RICA, and FICA compliance, among other things.

Transacting with anonymous individuals puts your business at risk. The KYC face recognition process ensures that your customers are in fact who they claim to be, and safeguards your business against fraud.

Facial verification software accelerates the onboarding process, enhances your customer journey, and increases customer conversion rates.

How it works

Enter an ID number to retrieve an ID photo from Home Affairs.
Match live video, selfies or photos to the data retrieved.
Receive a facial match score to determine the verification success.

Facial Verification & Liveness Detection

Identify and verify customers in-store or from remote locations. Liveness detection, through AI and machine learning, provides an extra layer of protection against identity fraud such as deepfakes and spoofing attacks. This easy-to-use verification solution enables you to truly know your customer prior to onboarding through KYC Facial Recognition.

This service is available via the web, mobile or API integration, and can be used without downloading an app.

Key Benefits

Deter Fraudsters

Discourage identity fraud criminals with advanced liveness detection.

Increase Revenue

Reduce the risk of fraud proactively and save millions per month.

Get Accurate Results

Ensure an accurate biometric match with information stored at Home Affairs.

Save Time

Cut long, tedious procedures short with real-time results.

Verify Remotely

Authenticate customers anytime, anywhere through the desktop or mobile App.

Reduce Paperwork

Reduce the need for manual paperwork and physical document handling.

Key Features

  • Real-time Biometric Results
  • Offline Capability
  • API Integration
  • POPI Act Compliant
  • Record Storage
  • Remote Online Access

Product Use Cases

  • Prevention of ID Fraud
  • Customer Onboarding
  • Recruitment Onboarding
  • Procurement Onboarding
  • Workflow Optimisation
  • Biometric Access Control
  • FICA, RICA and KYC
  • AML Compliance Checks

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