The Regulation of Interception of Communications and Provision of Communication Related Information Act, often shortened to the Related Information Act or RICA, is the legislation that governs the interception of communications within South Africa. Coming into effect in 2005, the RICA processes were initially completed manually, though, over the years of technological progression, RICA has taken a paperless and contactless approach, becoming what is currently known as eRICA. Alongside eKYC and eFICA processes, businesses can now use eRICA to quickly and securely onboard new customers remotely, with a vastly reduced risk of fraud.


Every South African citizen has the right to privacy, a right afforded to them by various acts including the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA). However, the world, especially within the business realm, has become predominantly digitised, which provides a way for individuals to gain access to all sorts of information, including personal information, which can be detrimental to the security of consumers. For this reason, information security within businesses is of paramount importance. The introduction of RICA brought about a means for businesses to receive and verify the necessary information of their customers, while being legally obligated to provide customers with the information security that they need. Each step of the eRICA onboarding process is conducted to benefit both the business and client.

The onboarding process

There are 5 steps to the eRICA onboarding process:
  1. POPIA notice and required documents list
  2. Capture details
  3. Upload supporting documentation and provide facial verification selfie
  4. Verify information through automated digital processes
  5. eRICA Complete and client informed of their eRICA status.
When filling in the details for eRICA onboarding, the client must provide their name, surname, address, ID number, and mobile number along with the sim card ICCID number. The documents required include a copy of their ID, proof of address, and selfie image. If the client is registering on behalf of a company, there are a few additional details and documents needed including the company name, address, and registration as well as a business letterhead. Each step in this process is essential for ensuring that both the company and client can conduct future business interactions securely.

Customer vetting

eRICA makes use of biometric services when vetting customers including IVS , facial verification, bank account verification , and more, all of which are essential in streamlining the authentication of any documents and information provided by the client. All personal details are cross-referenced against data obtained from the Department of Home Affairs, relevant credit bureaus and banks using verification software. Selfie images are validated against the client’s ID or passport photo using facial verification software, while adding an extra layer of protection by incorporating liveness detection. This integrated approach to eRICA, provided by automated strategies, creates a seamless online verification process that provides businesses with real-time fraud protection around the clock. However, not only is the business protected from fraud, clients can also be rest assured that their information is protected – building trust in client-business relationships.

Maintaining compliance with eRICA

Compliance is a key element of business operations. A lack of compliance puts a business’ reputation, finances, and clients at risk. This risk not only includes fraudulent activities, but also legal action. In order to maintain your compliance, it is essential to comply with the Know Your Customer guidelines. These guidelines require businesses to validate client identities, verify their suitability, and recognise and monitor the risks involved in each business relationship. Using eRICA, businesses can efficiently gather and authenticate all client information, eliminate human error, all while ensuring that they are in full control of every client that they onboard, and that every client is confident in the safety of their information.

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