Verify documents in real-time with digital document verification software.

In this day and age, document fraud poses a serious threat to organisations across the globe. Bitventure’s document verification software provides an advanced method to authenticate South African and foreign documents including IDs, passports, driver’s licenses and work permits.

Our intelligent software solution supports over 3500 different types of official documents, in multiple languages, from various countries. The sophisticated OCR technology extracts detailed customer attributes and verifies them against international security standards.

A digital solution produces optimal results. This real-time digital service allows for document authentication and verification in under 60 seconds, accelerating the customer onboarding process.

How it works

Select the document type and continue to scan the document.
Submit the data to be verified against international security standards.

Receive comprehensive verification results in less than a minute.

Key Benefits

With 99.7% verification accuracy, our state-of-the-art document verification solution is proven to effectively prevent fraud, reduce risk, optimise onboarding procedures, and enhance customer experiences.

Deter Fraudsters

Prevent the submission of fake official documents by fraudsters.

Save Time and Money

Cut costs and accelerate the document authentication process with a digital and automated solution.

Get Accurate Results

Cutting-edge technology extracts the best possible image quality to ensure accuracy.

Verify Remotely

Authenticate customer documents anytime and anywhere through the online application.

Reduce Manual Paperwork

Reduce the need for manual processing and physical document handling.


Document authentication provides an advanced method for the verification of official documents such as IDs, passports, and driver’s licences. Authenticate South African as well as foreign documents against international security standards. The digital document recognition software allows for verification within seconds, optimising the onboarding process. Integrate digital document authentication and verification into your business processes to detect and deter fraud.

Key Features

  • Real-time processing
  • Omnichannel verification
  • API integration
  • Fully customisable
  • POPI Act compliant
  • Remote online access

Product Use Cases

  • Fake document detection
  • Local and foreign authentication
  • FICA, RICA and KYC checks
  • Customer onboarding
  • Recruitment onboarding
  • Procurement onboarding
  • Business process automation
  • AML Compliance Checks

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