Retrieve digital bank statements from your customers in real-time.

Retrieve bank statements from customers directly from their banks. Statements are guaranteed to be authentic – eliminating potential document forgery and fraud.

How it works

Bank Statements
The customer is requested to log in to the portal using their banking credentials.
Bank Statements

The customer chooses a bank account and requests the statements to be sent.

Bank Statements

Digital bank statements, directly from the bank, are delivered via email in a matter of seconds. 

Instant Bank Statements

Safely fast-track your onboarding process with real-time digital bank statement processing. Now, with access to reliable digital operations, you can ensure your business’s financial and reputational security by reducing the risks of processing false statements. Through web and mobile access, your business has more flexibility than ever before, allowing you to authenticate clients in-store or remotely while remaining compliant with the POPI act.

Key Benefits

Bank Statements
Trust Your Customers

Prevent fraud by receiving authentic documents from a reliable source.

Accelerate Onboarding

Provide quick and seamless onboarding with a real-time digital process.

Save Money

Prevent the processing of forged statements, reduce costs and increase revenue.

Reduce Manual Paperwork

Eliminate the need for manual processing of paper-based statements.

Improve Data Accuracy

Receive accurate information with which to perform robust customer vetting procedures.

Key Features

  • Real-time Processing
  • Integrated with Major SA Banks
  • Remote Online Accessibility
  • POPI Act Compliant
  • API Integration
  • Web & Mobile Access

Product Use Cases

  • Customer Onboarding
  • FICA, RICA & KYC Checks
  • Proof of Income Confirmation
  • Employment Confirmation
  • Affordability Checks
  • AML Compliance Checks
  • Fraud Detection & Prevention
  • Workflow Optimisation

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