Reduce risk in real-time with digital AML (Anti-Money Laundering) checks. Automated verification processes for AML compliance effectively prevent laundered money from entering your financial ecosystem.

Trusted Real-time Compliance Processes

Traditional paper-based customer verification is no longer sufficient in deterring money launderers, as such criminals are becoming more sophisticated. AML screening, conducted through an automated and electronic verification process, offers a trusted way to ensure compliance and keep fraudsters at bay. Digital customer verification is proven to enhance the accuracy of results, and the speed at which such results are generated, providing you with sufficient information when making onboarding decisions.

An Improved Customer Journey

Not only does digitised identity screening software offer a quick and convenient method of ensuring AML compliance, but it also saves the customer from unpleasant experiences by eliminating false negatives. Customer experiences are further enhanced through seamless onboarding from remote locations as digital AML checks can be performed via the web or mobile apps. Now you can comply, and protect your business, without sacrificing the customer journey.